My job is to help you acheive anything that you desire in life. Life is short and with laser focus you can fasttrack whatever it is you want in only 6-18 months hard work.

I truly beleive this because I have experienced it multiple times in ventures listed above. I have developed the mental fortitude over the last 12 years to conquer any venture I set my mind to, now it is your turn.

So let's get to work.


  • Debt free by 21 years old
  • Left the 9-5 in 2011 at age 26 essentially retiring
  • Professional Musician/Guitarist/Composer
  • Released 6 solo albums independently. 
  • Sold thousands of physical albums globally
  • Recorded and Produced an artists first two albums who has 2 million streams on Spotify and over 200 million views on YouTube
  • Professional Actor/Director/Editor/Producer 
  • On Screen Stunt Combatant
  • Professional Investor/Mentor/Coach/Speaker
  • Professional Artist/Painter
  • Former MMA fighter/BJJ competitor
  • Worked on multi million dollar projects
  • Sold my first ever feature film that I wrtten, directed and produced to a distribution company in Beverly Hills. Less than 1% of filmmakers achieve this.
  • Worked on international film sets in the UK, EU & US.
  • Raised over six figures for my own productions and business ventures
  • Appeared on BBC Radio multiple times with Gaby Roslin for music and again with Tony Fisher for film
  • Performed at prestigious venues in London and for celebrity clientele 
  • Been signed by multiple talent agencies
  • Appeared on TV and films around the world including streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon 
  • Featureed in newspapers and trailers seen by millions of people around the world
  • Had my art exhibited in Canary Wharf London at Flux.
  • Travelled the world to over 40 countries on 5 continents, including the Amazon.
  • Worked in over 18 different industries,.One of my first businesses was a successful driving school. 
  • Sold products/services online for the past 10 years